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Paniram Wellness Institute
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Paniram Wellness Institute is reaching out and bringing the community together for inspiring workshops, healing modalities and guided meditation sessions. We are committed to providing unique and informative workshops to spiritually enhance the lives of people in our community. We offer low cost, alternative modalities of healing and spiritual support. Ongoing meditation sessions offer a catalyst for peace of mind and spirit. Paniram Wellness Institute is a place for kindred spirits to gather and heal. A peaceful space is provided for you to connect with people of like mind and spirit. We respect and encourage exploration of your personal spiritual path. 
Paniram Wellness Institute embraces all Spirit paths and welcomes everyone who comes to us with an open mind and heart. We offer various classes and workshops to enhance the well-being of our community. Healing modalities, workshops and guided meditation sessions are facilitated by Mari Napoles. On occasion, Paniram Wellness Institute invites special guests to offer their spiritual expertise to our clients. 
  Please be sure to visit our Events page for current listing of Events and workshops offered by Paniram Wellness Institute!



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